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Jarvis: Next Steps

Now that a version of Jarvis is available and people are talking about it, I wanted to lay out some rough plans for future development.

First of all, I am going to try and release a new version every couple of weeks. I’m planning to push out another public release two weeks from yesterday.

Priorities for Jarvis 1.0b2:

1. Correct the bugs reported in 1.0b1. I already have a bug filed for a hot key issue on XP.

2. Implement the rules interface. This is the Windows equivalent of this.

3. Implement an interface that exposes a visual representation of the machine learner. Pennyworth uses a nested set diagram for this purpose, but I’m planning on using something more akin to a flowchart for Jarvis. The functionality lets users see the model that the system constructed to predict context and this allows them to be better “teachers”.

5. Finish implementing the preferences interface, including options for manipulating the learners.

6. Misc minor UI tweaks.

7. Add pruning to the C4.5 decision tree algorithm.

8. More application sensors. Particularly, Firefox & Chrome “current web site” sensors.

This is a tall order, but one that should be achievable in the next two weeks. Don’t forget to send any feedback of your own to


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