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Pennyworth 1.0b9

Pennyworth 1.0b9 is now available for download.

This release includes some major bug fixes and feature enhancements. Please see the notes below after installing.

Installation / Upgrade Notes

Pennyworth 1.0b9 includes a variety of new and tweaked sensors. Consequently, you need to reset your machine learners. This functionality may be accessed from the preferences:

Resetting the learners will require that you retrain the system once more. I apologize that this is necessary, but it was important that I make the necessary changes. I don’t anticipate that this will be necessary in the future.

You will also need to download the updated AppleScript sensors from the Script Manager. These sensors (as well as any custom ones) will need to be in the AppleScript/Sensors folder under the Pennyworth application support folder.

New Features

Native calendar sensor that allows Pennyworth to more efficiently use iCal (and other CalendarStore-based application) data. (Don’t forget to delete your iCal AppleScript if you installed one.)

Enhanced learner view that allows users to collapse parts of the decision tree for better navigability.

Night and day sensor.

Bug Fixes

Various machine learner tweaks

More robust wireless sensor

User interface tweaks


MacOS X 10.5 “Leopard”

Growl (Recommended): Pennyworth can be used without the Growl notification system by viewing the current predictions, but this occupies precious screen real estate and you attention. In order to receive visual notifications of updated predictions, I recommend that you install and configure the Growl notification system before running Pennyworth.


There is not a source distribution available yet, but if you’d like the source code, it is available via Subversion at

The source requires Xcode 3 to build.

Bugs, suggestions, or comments?

Please post any feedback in the comments below or send it to This is early release software, so there will be bugs, and the application will only improve when problems are identified and submitted.

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