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New Pennyworth Sensors

I just posted a few new sensors to Pennyworth’s online script repository.

TextWrangler.scpt is an update to the current script that improves reliability of detecting the types of open TextWrangler documents. Credit for this update goes to Ricky Buchanan of

GMail.scpt is a script intended for end users to customize in order to distinguish between different instances of GMail (home vs. work). The GMail script does not come customized out of the box, so you’ll need to follow the example in the code to enable it to look for your own instances.

Geography.scpt is a script that uses IP-based geolocation to determine where your computer is based upon IP. It’s based upon MaxMind’s GeoLite City database. Accuracy figures on a per-country basis are available here.

Please give these a spin and let me know how well they work out. You can download and install these from within Pennyworth by selecting AppleScript Manager from the menu within the Pennyworth status icon.

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