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Updated thoughts (and to-do’s) regarding the Pennyworth Punch Clock

Thanks everyone who sent in comments and suggestions. They were immensely helpful.

I’ve gone ahead and added the following to my PPC to-do list:

1. Application Stream: This will be an optional time stream (enable in the preferences) that can be turned on to track which applications are active at any given slice of time.

2. URL Stream: This will be an optional time stream that tracks the current URL of the Safari and Firefox web browsers. I’ll probably break this into two time streams, one for each browser.

3. Rename the “Statistics” tab to “Reports”: I plan on implementing this as an en export option that spits out your time streams as an XML file. Scripts and other programs can be run on this file to generate specific reports of how time has been spent. I’ll include some options for dropping such scripts in the application support folder for running the reports straight from the interface.

4. AppleScript support: Initially this will be implemented as two main classes of commands: reading and writing. Reading will allow calling scripts to get a full lists of slices in a given time slice (“tell app ‘PPC’ to return every slice of the timestream named ‘Foo’). I’m also planning on implementing a feature where calling AppleScripts can log slices to streams (“tell app ‘PPC’ to log ‘Eating’ to timestream named ‘Foo’).

Fortunately (with the exception of the reporting functionality), I’ve already written most of this code for other projects. I’m going to keep plugging away and see if I can have an early beta version released sometime next week.

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