Context Sensing for Mac OS X

Sensor AppleScripts

The following scripts provide additional sensor support for Pennyworth. These files should be placed at

	~/Library/Application Support/Pennyworth/AppleScript/Sensors/

MarsEdit.scpt: Logs your selected weblog

iChat.scpt: Logs your current chat partners

Skype.scpt: Logs your current chat partners

Adium.scpt: Logs your current chat partners

Mail.scpt: Logs whether you are reading or writing e-mails in

Action AppleScripts

The following scripts take action on context changes. These files should be placed at

~/Library/Application Support/Pennyworth/AppleScript/

Adium-action.scpt: Updates your status message with your context

Web-action.scpt: Logs your context changes to an external web service

Growl-action.scpt: Updates Growl to change and adapt to your context (This script requires a special beta version of Growl. E-mail me for a copy.)

Contributing AppleScripts

If you would like to share AppleScripts that you created with the Pennyworth community, send them to us via e-mail with a short description and we will list them here.

Special thanks

Pennyworth's AppleScript support would not exist without the encouragement and expertise provided by Ricky Buchanan of ATMac, a wonderful site focusing on assistive technology for Mac OS X users.