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RIP Genkanban. Long live Pennyworth!

After some discussion with my colleagues and Genkanban users, I’ve decided to rename the software “Pennyworth”. The name is based on the only butler I can recall by name: Alfred Pennyworth.

The justification for the rename is that the “Genkanban” name is clumsier than “Pennyworth” for us English speakers and (honestly) I never knew the proper pronunciation of “Genkanban”.

If you’re a current user of Genkanban, you don’t need to do anything to get the new software. I’ll be pushing out Pennyworth as part of the 1.0b5 release, so auto-updating should take care of the transition.

Posted by admin at 11:11 am on February 19, 2008 . Filed under Pennyworth.

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